Eat Local

Of 2009’s food trends, from bacon everything to upscale burgers, farm-to-table eating may be one of our favorites, and the one we’d put our money on for staying power (if we hadn’t given up gambling for the new year). Why? Because eating locally-grown has at least as many upsides as there are toppings at a burger bar. Of all the reasons to buy local—from supporting the local economy to personal health to environmental health—ultimately, more and more chefs are discovering local because it tastes good. For this reason, it’s becoming easier to eat locally as chefs around town are making an effort to source local products. So if you’ve decided 2010 is the year to cultivate your inner locavore, let us guide you through some of the restaurants on Oahu (including some surprising choices) where you can fly your local flag and feast on great food.

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Taiwanese Shave Ice at City Cafe

After trekking to Ice Garden in Aiea for Taiwanese-style shave ice, I’ve found a new love closer to home: City Cafe. Call me fickle, but I’m helpless to my new lover’s charms: soft, fine ice that melts in the mouth, leaving a whisper of brown sugar on the tongue; luscious, creamy pudding; and glistening black cubes of grass jelly.

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New farmers’ markets around town

PICT0565At the bare minimum, farmers markets are a place to pick up groceries or a quick meal. On a social level, they allow us to meet up with friends and connect with farmers. And on an eco-conscious level, they make us feel good. But whether we’re really saving the world, one curly kale at a time, it is almost a moot point when we’re happily distracted by beautiful fruits and vegetables, or scarfing down delicious prepared foods.

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Happy hour gourmet-ish pupu

Fried bar food at happy hour is so … 2008. Just because the economy’s gone south doesn’t mean we have to settle for the lowest common denominator of cheap and filling when we’re seeking affordable pupu. While the government’s handing over cash for clunkers, these Honolulu pau hana places will give you a touch of gourmet in exchange for your fried mozzarella sticks, and at prices that are thoroughly palatable.

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Your Kitchen: hole-in-the-wall with best. shave ice. ever.

Your Kitchen is the epitome of Honolulu’s famous hole-in-the-walls. It exists in a residential neighborhood on 10th Avenue in Palolo, keeping company with random businesses like an art gallery and a place that turns out wholesale lau lau and smoked fish, but the area is still primarily residential. On our first visit, we already understand the plight of Your Kitchen’s neighbors — with good food and terrific shave ice so close, the good news is it’s easy to come back, anytime, and the bad news is that it’s too easy to come back, all the time.

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