A Meat Cure for the Common Bar

SALT Kitchen and Tasting Bar is not Kevin Hanney’s dream restaurant. It is, as he calls it, his “second plan B,” with 12th Ave Grill being the first. Twenty-two years ago, he was in Santa Cruz putting together an upscale deli and charcuterie shop when the 1989 earthquake hit. The project never happened; and since then, his search for a suitable deli space has been interrupted. He still hasn’t found his perfect spot, but in the meantime, he did find a nook in Kaimuki for 12th Ave Grill, serving up higher-end American comfort food for the past seven years.

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The Art of Kaiseki at Nanzan Giro Giro

Kaiseki is a formal, almost ceremonial, Japanese cuisine devoted to a series of small courses. It’s as much about taste as it is the textures, the colors of the food, the vessel it’s served in and the seasons reflected in each menu. If you talk to chef Yoshihiro Matsumoto of Nanzan Giro Giro, the new kaiseki-only restaurant in Honolulu, you’ll realize that for him, kaiseki is a deeply personal affair. “Kaiseki is relationship of restaurant and customers,” he says in broken English. “Customers trust a restaurant, no need menu…And I must take to them Japanese kaiseki restaurant’s soul.”

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International breakfasts in Honolulu

They say the hardest meal for travelers to adjust to is breakfast. Perhaps that’s why even at the most inventive restaurants, the traditional breakfasts of various cultures are left largely untouched. Here, we rounded up some of Honolulu’s ethnic breakfasts, authentic culinary anchors (in most cases) in Hawaii’s multi-cultured cuisine.

Round up of Sergs, Morimoto, Cream Pot, KC Kitchen, Sorabol, Ireh, Tango, Kai in the most recent Edible Hawaiian.

Save room! Dessert…

Desserts can excite or they can soothe. Most sweets in Honolulu tend toward the latter; as with breakfast foods, cooks and diners alike seem to take less risks when it comes to the last course and prefer the familiar, the comforting. And indeed, sometimes there’s no better finish to a meal than a perfect crème brulee, an oozing molten chocolate cake, a panna cotta that just melts on the tongue. Still, a few pastry chefs around town don’t leave the tinkering to the savory plates. Here, we showcase some Honolulu’s desserts, from shops to restaurants, from homespun to unexpected, and all sublime.

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Green Travel

In today’s world of carbon footprint consciousness, maybe traveling isn’t the most eco-friendly thing to do. Nor is it always budget-friendly, for that matter. But for many, it’s worth it. Sometimes, it’s travel that makes us realize this is a world worth preserving; in a sense, we travel the world to save it. We don’t have to go far, though: As we’re acutely aware, with millions of annual visitors, our own Islands are some of the best eco-destinations around. Here’s our green vacation guide to the Neighbor Islands, with earth-friendly lodging and activities for when you’re ready to hit the road (via bike or hybrid vehicle, naturally).